The official launch of the offshore wind power project jointly developed by Texas Instruments Vietnam and Orsted Denmark marks the maturity of the global offshore wind power industry. In order to achieve this goal, Orsted Group decided to launch Orsted Energy online investment management platform for global customers to raise funds for the construction of offshore wind power, onshore wind power and solar energy and other clean energy projects, accelerate the construction of green energy ecological financial circle, and create wealth dreams together with global customers.

According to the reporter’s understanding, with the completion of hundreds of offshore wind power projects in recent years, the role played by offshore wind power in China’s power supply will become increasingly important. The Global Wind Power Alliance predicts that in the five years from 2020 to 2024, the global installed capacity of new offshore wind power will reach 500,000 kilowatts, accumulating to 80 megawatts. Compared to 10% in 2019, the global installed capacity of new wind energy will reach 20% by 2024. Therefore, wind and solar power will lead the transformation of the global power industry, and offshore wind power will become an important link in the transformation of the global energy system.

However, because of the strong winds off the southern coast of Vietnam, this also makes it the best place to develop wind energy. In addition, Vietnam’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by mid-century, combined with the current energy shortage, makes it an ideal place to invest in renewable energy infrastructure. In addition, the company has launched a number of programs, such as seminars with component manufacturers and local suppliers, and plans to build a 2 GW power plant with T&T in 2030, which will benefit new energy development not only in Vietnam, but also in Southeast Asian countries.

So, what kind of new investment experience will Orsted Energy online investment management platform bring?

First of all, Orsted energy online investment management platform, backed by strong energy companies, investors do not need to worry about investment. At the same time, Orsted also has strong alliances with many energy companies to jointly build offshore wind power, onshore wind power and solar energy and other clean energy projects, and is committed to making the green energy ecological financial circle bigger and stronger, and winning wealth with global investors.

Secondly, with Orsted Energy Online investment management platform, Vietnam will take a leading position in the offshore wind power market in the Asia-Pacific region, giving full play to its advantages in the field of offshore wind power and promoting the diversified development of Vietnam.

Thirdly, Orsted Energy Online Investment Management Platform, has established a complete security service system, which is developed and designed by a professional technical team to ensure the safety of investors’ information and capital, and is guaranteed by a third-party guarantee company to establish a risk reserve to ensure the safety of investors’ investment in the global scope.

Finally, the biggest attraction of Orsted Energy Online Investment Management Platform is that it has no threshold for investment, suitable for different people; as a decentralized platform, the operation of the fund is supervised by a third-party notary throughout the whole process; a number of risk control measures, creating a new model of all-inclusive financial management; multi-channel co-creation of wealth growth; offline entity stores, long-term stable operation. At the same time, the platform will have occasional rebates, more offers, please pay attention to the platform’s announcement!

Such a good investment platform, how can anyone hesitate? Come and sign up! Create an energy kingdom and realize dreams of wealth, with Orsted!